Data Visualization

UN Data Catalog Visualization

Visualized funds of six UN entities

Investigation of Humanitarian Topics

Use World Humanitarian Summit(WHS) Consultation data and Twitter data to investigate topics about humanity. See also: World Humanitarian Summit

Visualization of Legal of Nations Documents

Show every Legal of Nations docs as a node in a bar chart.
* After opening the Enterprise Search, please click the 'Open Data Visualization' button to check the chart

Analysis Sleep-Disordered Breathing(SDB) Research Papers about Obesity


Visualize relation among researchers and investigate who did research in this field at where and when.

Infographic Report for Unite Ideas Challenge

#VisualizeChange #WSD2015

Extract web traffic and social media data from Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics to report the effectiveness of Unite Ideas marketing

Achieving which target helps a country not being LDC?

Use Millennium Development Goals dataset to classify countries into least developed country(LDC) or not least developed country.

Data Analytics & Data Mining

Prediction of Rossmann Store Sales

Prediction of Rossmann Store Sales
BIA 656 Statistical Learning course project

Poster Report

I handle dataset with complex structure with Python. I use decision tree, KNN and random forest to predict sales. I also find more business insights by visualization with

Experimental Design for Influential Factors of Rates on Massive Open Online Courses
BIA 654 Experimental Design course porject

Dataset Report

Use ANOVA F-test, multiple comparison tests and orthogonal test for completely randomized factorial design and Randomized block factorial design do find the factors affecting people's rate on MOOC base on 51 questionnaires

Online News Popularity Classification with R

Online News Popularity Classification with R
CS 513 Knowledge Discovery course porject


Use R and classification models to classify Mashable articles into popular or unpopular.

Feature Ranking in Search Rank

Feature Ranking in Search Rank
Apply Gradient Boosted Regression Trees in Predicting Search Rank


Use machine learning to bring more free traffic to your website. I rank the most important features in search rank, explain how it works with decision tree and take as an example to make practical suggestions.


Text Mining of Restaurant Reviews on OpenTable and Yelp
BIA 660 Web Analytics course porject


Use NLTK and sklearn to classify restaurant review into position and negative.

Walmart Database
MIS 630 Database course porject


Design the database of Walmart based on the website and write SQL query to achieve 10 functions.