Find humanitarian topics helps us to deal with the pressing challenges and urgent problems. The goal of this data visualization is to investigate topics about humanity. The data comes from:

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We care about ... topics/subtopics

  • All subtopics connects with each other
  • Important topics are:
    • Ensuring affected people, particularly women, have a stronger voice and greater role in humanitarian action
    • Adapting the humanitarian system to new contexts, actors, and challenges
    • Localizing preparedness and response
  • Frequently mentioned subtopics are:
    • 1E. Subsidiarity
    • 1C. Programming based on the needs of affected people
    • 1B. Community engagement

The size of nodes shows the number of times that a subtopic is mentioned in a file. The weight of links presents the number of times that two subtopics appear in the same file. Nodes are colored by topics.

Who care about ... topics

  • The public and stakeholder groups put forward most of topics
  • Different groups have various concerns:
    • The public and stakeholder groups want to ensure effected people play a greater role in humanitarian action
    • WHS final reports focus more on new challenges
    • Regions pay attention to efforts of environment and investment in innovation, but countries do not
    • Gender and finance gap issues have not yet gain enough attention
  • Public input: public submissions
  • WHS output: final consultation reports
  • Stakeholder group: stakeholder analysis pieces
  • National context: country submissions
  • Regional context: region submissions
  • Uncategorized: files do not belong to any category above

Other topics ...

  • Most hashtags belong to location, funding, organization, politics
  • Some inspiring hashtags are:
    • Locations: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, South Sudan etc.
      • It is high priority to improve the humanitarian situation in these areas.
    • Funding
      • How to collect enough funding and distribute it efficiently and fairly?
    • Organizations: UN, NGO, EU etc.
      • How to improve these organizations' ability in humanitarian actions?
      • How to involve more organizations?
    • People: Humanitarian heroes, Merlene Hutto Byars, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie
      • What is the role of the famous in humanity?
    • Potential topics related to humanitarian: health, career, immigration, peace, art etc.
      • Solve problems in these areas will make the world better.

All the text is real hashtag. Only hashtags of which the stem words appear more than 60 times have been included. Some hashtags are merged with other hashtags having same meaning.

3C Action

  • Collaboration
    • To improve humanity, various stakeholders, including affected people, international organizations, country governments, should collaborate together.
  • Concentration
    • To improve humanity, we should concentrate on solving humanitarian issues in certain areas, such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and deal with influential humanitarian events like Nepal earthquake.
  • Creativity
    • To improve humanity, we must use new technology, such as UAV, and find creative method like social enterprise and celebrity effect.